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The FrogSling series FrogSling is my most popular game on Windows Phone. Meanwhile there are 3 versions out, which got more than a million downloads in total.
Fingerball Fingerball is a little dexterity game. Try to keep different balls in the air by tapping them before they hit the ground.
A Beanstalk Tale A game similar to Doodle Jump. In this game you fight monsters while jumping up the neverending beanstalk. On your journey to the top you will encounter spectacular boss fights.  
Dotty 2 Dotties are cute colored fruits that wear funny costumes. In this game you have to flick them into the right colored corner, earn powerups and tons of extras like new themes or costumes.


DiNoGames is a game developer (and publisher) for mobile games. While the main focus lies on Windows Phone, other operating systems are served, too. Some games have already been ported to Windows 8, so if you already use the latest Microsoft OS, then give them a try, they are FREE. You can find all download links in the Games section.

Developers blog

if you are a developer yourself then don’t miss my blog. I plan to write about game development topics, most certainly topics related to XNA, MonoGame and mobile game development in general.
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